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Whatta Watta!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

My day started with a phonecall from a friend. It was Charisse, inviting me to go with them at Regada, a popular water festival in Cavite, that is held every year at Cavite City.

People from all-over Cavite, visits Cavite City to have fun, get wet, and feast their eyes over wet sexy bodies of the Cavitenos.

"Baka hindi ako makasama," I told Cha. "Wala akong susuotin, tsaka papaliguan ko pa si Clover."

"Ay ganon?" Cha said, dismayed. "Ikaw pa naman ang inaasahan namin na sasama. Ngayon nalang ulit tayo makakapag-Regada... after ilang years!

After considering what she'd said, I decided to come. I packed my clothes, undie, a sunblock and my cologne. "Regada here I come!"

Just outside our house, the numbers of people carrying water guns and garden hose are considerably dangerous for me to travel by walking. So I hailed a trike. At the bus station, there are men who seems to be eyeing on me coz I'm the only one who is dry. I shot them a look, while trying to maintain the ignorance on my face... just to be safe and would not get mobbed.

One feature of the Zapote-Bacoor-Kawit-Noveleta-Cavite City-Salinas-Tanza area are its buses. Jeepney isn't that popular here. They are not the king of the road -- Mini buses are! Those colorfull mini-buses are unairconditioned, roughly 30 seaters and open.

I sat at the rear seat of the driver. We are just a couple of meters from the station when, someone threw a pail of water inside. Inside Cavite City, a man stopped our bus then another man entered, carrying a whole pail with bubbles on top. He threw it on us and due to impact, some got to my ears, some to my eyes and i think some went inside my bag.

"Sheena!" I shouted.

His dad opened the door and invited me inside, even though I am already soaking wet. I declined. Sheena showed up and so Cha, minutes later we are walking the length of Padre Pio.

The scene reminds me of a movie -- War of the Word. People are moving towards what seems to be an unending supply of food and money. The center of the road has water pipes that produces artificial rain installed about 16 feet high running from end-to-end of a block. They installed it to about 5 blocks.

People are jam packed, each carrying their own water canons (not gun). Every establishment has their own paagaw. Some are throwing coins, some are candies, some are selecta ice creams and some, of course, an unending supply of water flowing out of their hoses.

We stayed in front of Rachie's Cafe where there are FREE Red Horses! Hehe! Of course we know the owner. Regada also served as our mini high school reunion. We saw Charm and Therese, and she really gained weight! She's still glowy and hot though. I also saw some of my classmates and orgmates -- Sepu, IC, Emerson, Marvin V, QC, Marvin T and Janwyn. A few engineering students are too, mostly from the lower years.

Regada is really fun! There are alot of eye candies and eye sores. Some are ladies are dancing on ledges and the men are showing-off their bodies, courtesy of Powerlift gym.

We ate lunch also at Rachie's, -- still for FREE. Kare-kare, menudo and lumpia are the menu combined with fried rice. People are eating on a banana leaf. It grossed me at first but the hell! FREE food and bottomless coke/royal/sprite are reasons enough!

At around 1:00 pm, we walked about a quarter of a mile from there to SSCR's Canacao Campus gym for Bing to get her things and to hit the shower.

We then went to her house, still wet, to drop her things and headed back to Sheena's House. I took a shower, then we ate again! Chicken, lumpiang ubod, menudo and Coke. After that we had a little siesta, they fell asleep while I watch MTV. By six PM, we went to the public market and bought Cofee Ice Craze at Jollibee.

It's a long day for me! A long fun day! I hope next year, you'll be there too! I'm sure you'll love it!

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