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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Daily allowances and daily expenses. These are the two of my major concerns now a day. I don’t belong to a rich family that has a luxurious living. I’m just a sub-urban guy living behind the shadow one-minute arrears. Due to disproportionate outcome of my allowance, I came to a conclusion that I should get a sideline. To make the long story short, yeah, I am now self employed, but I have a feeling that this wouldn’t last that long since am busy with my DESPRO, SOFENG and Robotics… which is, the main reason why am spending these amountssss.

I remembered one of my classmate and friend, saying, that to be considered successful in terms of money earnings and budgeting, at the age of 30 you should have earned your first 1,000,000.
And that made me thinking, if I could get a good paying job at the age of 22 or 23, then I would have 8 or 7 years left to climb the mountain.

If I would earn 22,000 a month, minus the monthly expenses of a bachelor, approximately 10,000 then every month I could save 12,000.

In a year I could earn 144,000 and in 7 years, that amount would be 1,008,000 or 1,152,000 in 8 years. So yeah, I could be a millionaire in 8 years time but still, not considerably rich.

Talking about the rich let me introduce to you a man, known as Bill.

William H. Gates was born on Oct. 28, 1955. He was raised in Seattle, Washington where his father, William H. Gates II practices as an attorney. His mother, Mary Gates was a former school teacher. Bill Gates demonstrated an interest in computers and software at an early age. He entered Harvard University in 1973 where he first met Steve Balmer, the current CEO of Microsoft. In 1975, he began Microsoft with his childhood buddy Paul Allen. Bill Gates decided to leave Harvard in order to focus more attention on Microsoft. The rest as they say is history.

Today he is worth a staggering $52.8 billion. To put this in perspective, consider what can be done with that amount of money.

  • He could pay the salary of President George W. Bush (US$400,000) for 132,000 years.

  • You could win Survivor 52,000 times and still not match up to his fortune.

  • He could make 1,399,200 contestants of Kapamilya Deal or No Deal a 2,000,000 peso winner.

  • He could give every 82,000,000 Filipinos 34,126 pesos.

  • His wealth exceeds the annual budget of Russia.

Happy viewing (reading) to: Gari, Kevin, Rex, Hannah, Jae and Melai.

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