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Hit Me Miss Please!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Before I opened MS Word (I use Blogger for Word), I have a lot of things in mind to tell. But since it is already 11:43 PM and I haven’t had enough sleep since Saturday, I guess my 32-bit memory would just rumble with gobbledygook words.

Hit and Miss 1:

“July is the month for changing your templates” says a renowned Feng-Shui expert. “If you wanted an increase in traffic in your site and wanted the visitors to come back, then now is the right month to change your template.” Jus Ku-Pho is an 82 years old man from Shanghai Roll, China who pioneers the Feng-Shui in the internet.

Jus Ku-Pho alos owned some famous websites that he meticulously Feng-Shui-ed before launching. “I pour a glass of water in my computer screen while the website is on, if the monitor flashes then it means “Go” other wise it would still means “Go.”

Hit and Miss 2:

Emo is a slang term for Emote. And when you type `emo` in any word processing application it would mark as misspelled. The suggestions are memo, ego, demo, emote and ammo. And while reading this, you’ll probably think that you’re in the weirdest part of the internet. But I am telling you… you’re not! Coz the weirdest part of the internet is this: Crying While Eating.

Which leads me to…

Hit and Miss 3:

Crying while laughing… which is more acceptable? You know tears of joy. But this topic is so lame; I wouldn’t even finish my sentence with a dot%

Hit and Miss 4:

I need to upgrade my 32-bit memory. I constantly get headaches now. Ahhh! 5th year! I need a 64-bit memory for my brain!

Hit and Miss 5:

“It’s been three years since I am knocking at your door, and can still knock some more.”

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