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True Story

Thursday, July 06, 2006

My friend was going home to manila and was traversing a stretch of road na madilim, then it happened, tumirik  bigla yung kotse for no apparent  reason. checked the gas gauge,  half filled naman, no other engine malfunction sa gauges. basta the car  just "died" on him.

Nearby was this acacia tree so he decided na  mag jingle muna, then he heard a, "psssttt, halika dito".  there he saw  this very old man. medyo natakot and nagulat siya, kasi nanlilisik yung mga  mata, mahaba ang buhok, mukhang ermitanyo.

Tinawag siya and he saw the  old man was carrying a book. at first hesitant, pero there was this  force urging him to come over.

When he came over, the old m an handed  him the book, para lang siyang pocket book, but colored black. the old man  then told him that he has to pay for it, 700 pesos daw. thinking that he  still needs money to have his car fixed, siyempre ayaw niyang tanggapin  yung book. Pero nanlisik lalo yung mata nung matanda at pinipilit  siyang bayaran yung book. dahil satakot,binayaran din niya yung libro.  after paying for it, sabi sa kanya na huwag na huwag niyang titignan yung  last page ng libro, or he will regret it.

He wanted to ask for  directions, but the old man started walking towards the darker part of the fields, and biglang nawala. luckily may bus na dumaan and he asked to be  brought down sa bayan. there he looked for a place to spend the night,  para balikan yung car niya the next day.

In his room, he couldn't sleep,  and remembered the book he bou ght for 700 pesos, kaya kinuha niya ito and  read it. it was about the supernatural and engkantos. he has read chapter na rin and was feeling! sleepy, so tinabi niya sa side table.  then he remembered yung sinabi nung matanda about the last page. he  was undecided at the same time natatakot dun sa warning nung matanda about  opening to the last page. so he gathered enough courage to open it to the  last page, opened his eyes and got the shock of his life

Ang  nakasulat...


National Bookstore P47.75

Nadaya sya…

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