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Waha! At last!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

On a Boring Day

So, I haven’t posted any thing “readable” for the past few days, and now is my chance.

Last Monday and Tuesday, as we all now, are the days when all the prayers of at least 20 Million Filipino students got answered. No Classes. I was one of them. And the drawback of it was that I can’t go out of the house or do the things I need to.

But as they say, luck comes our way.

And mine’s a j-dorama -- Goodluck!!

Here’s some screen shot from their “first flight” a.k.a. “pilot episode.” Both works, since Goodluck!! Is about a co-pilot named Shinkai Hajime (played by SMAP’s Kimura Takuya ) who is struggling to be good pilot. Along the way he meets an airplane engineer (or whatever) named Ogawa Ayumi (played by Shibasaki Kou) who I think will be his love interest. Hehe. (If ever you don’t see any pics… its probably because I failed to upload them)

Creamy, Hot and Luscious

For the Nth time of my blogging career (wow may career!), I am postless again. POstless in the sanse that I don’t have anything interesting to blog about, something that is worth typing, and something that could make others realize something (ang daming something nun ha).

Ah alam ko na… (ayan nagtagalog na ako) I’ll make kwento nalang with all my gawa this past few araws. Last Monday, I just went online the buong araw, kashe naman, this stupid bagyo! I was about to make ashikasho pah namen with my org chenez and choochoo… Shitness with my presidency! I have to make all my offishers, be responsible!

So I make chat lang with all my blog friends… kasho I still got bored kasi naman when I make conference with them they don’t talk about interesting stuff eh… kainess veneracioness! And all I got to say tuloy was “wahihihihi” “ahihihi” “lolz” “hmp!” and “amp!” seeeee watusi?! My Monday was that bad! As in! I thought I was being punished… for the boredom… hmp hmp hmp! Pero later that day I watched Goodluck!! Yeah… the !! are part of the title. Stupid Japanese!

Noong Tuesday naman, was a bit better… although shempwe, bored pawen akoh. Pero duh deh dih doh doo! Talagang walang ma make anything in this country… all because paren of Glenda. Glenda Glenda Glenda… I remembered tuloy one of the text message my sister had tanggap. It was soooooo nakakatawa! Sa sobrang nakakatawa, just typing it here would kill me!

Pero syempre, I also became awa with all the kualalumpoor manilenyos and manilenyas whos is 6 feet under the water! *giggles* you know naman the Camanava area of floodness and shits. So there… I can’t think of any kwento na kasi, am kinda not sana’y in this kind of talking eh…

Am just a suburban guy… in a suburban world… Hehehe!

OMG!!! READ ME! Sinapian ako nang dalawang espiritu! Espirito ni cofibean at espiritu ni… cofibean in gurlaloo mode?! Hahaha!

OMG! Pinapasaya ko lang kayo… Nga pala… yung title wala lang yan… hehe…

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