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High School Musical

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I just watched it a few minutes ago...

Troy and Gabriella, two complete strangers, both go to a New Year's Eve Party. They are chosen to sing "Start of Something New". Afterwards, they introduce themselves and exchange numbers, promising to call each other.

Gabriella's mother's company transfers to Albuquerque, not knowing that Troy actually attends her new school. Troy is also the star player of the basketball team, of which his father, Jack Bolton, is the coach.

During homeroom, Ms. Darbus, the theater teacher, announces the upcoming auditions for the winter musical. Troy sees Gabriella at the back and tries to call her. Her cellphone rings and leads to Sharpay, Ryan, Troy, Gabriella, Taylor and Chad getting detention.

After homeroom, Troy and Gabriella meet and look at the signup sheet for the auditions. Sharpay finds them and assumes that Gabriella wants to sign up. She and Ryan put an article about Gabriella's academic achievements into Taylor's locker. During detention, Taylor approaches Gabriella and invites her to join the school's scholastic decathlon team.

As a result of the detention both Troy and Chad miss their basketball practice, much to the annoyance of Coach Bolton. During a confrontation between the coach and Ms. Darbus it is made clear that neither of them has any real respect for the work that the other does. Troy eventually takes part in practice but he can't seem to stop thinking about Gabriella, which is reflected by the whole team singing "Get'cha Head in the Game".

On the day of the auditions, Chad tells Troy that there is a basketball practice during free period. However, Troy chooses to go to the auditions instead. He meets Gabriella backstage and both watch a series of bad auditions, followed by Sharpay and Ryan's rendition of "What I've Been Looking For". Gabriella suddenly decides to audition, however, Ms. Darbus tells her that she is too late.

After a confrontation with Sharpay, Kelsi, the composer of the musical, trips and drops her notes. Troy and Gabriella rush to help her and end up singing a slower and more correct (according to Kelsi) version of the song "What I've Been Looking For". Ms. Darbus watches them from behind a wall and decides to give them a chance, inviting then to perform at the callbacks. When Sharpay finds out, she is furious.

With the captain of the Wildcats daring to try something new, it seems many students are losing their inhibitions and revealing their true desires to their friends, much to the annoyance of Sharpay. In the cafeteria most of the school breaks out into song singing, "Stick to the Status Quo". While Sharpay is having a stroll through the cafeteria, Gabriella trips and her lunch spills all over Sharpay's jacket. Sharpay informs Ms. Darvis that Troy and Gabriella are trying to destroy the musical. Ms. Darbus informs Coach Bolton and ends up having yet another argument with him.

Chad and Taylor decide that they need to do something and devise a plan. The basketball team tricks Troy into saying that Gabriella isn't important while she watches events through a Wi-Fi link. Gabriella is hurt and sings "When There Was Me and You", later telling Troy that she isn't going to do the auditions anymore.

After seeing how Troy and Gabriella no longer get along, Chad and Taylor decide to tell them the truth. However, Gabriella still refuses to forgive Troy, until he turns up at her balcony singing the harmony of "Start of Something New".

In order to secure their places in the musical, Sharpay and Ryan persuade Ms. Darbus to change the callbacks time to coincide with the championship game and the scholastic decathlon. When Kelsi finds out, she and the others are devastated, but the scholastics and the jocks work together to come up with a plan.

On the day itself, Taylor and Gabriella send a virusinto the system to disrupt the basketball game, then boil a bad-smelling chemical to stall the decathlon. Troy and Gabriella then run to the theater.

Sharpay and Ryan finish performing "Bop to the Top". But when Troy and Gabriella show up after Ms. Darbus called their names, she tells them, again, that they are too late. People start streaming into the theater to support them, giving Ms. Darbus no choice but to let them perform "Breaking Free". In the end, Ms. Darbus gives the parts to Troy and Gabriella. After winning both the scholastic decathlon and the basketball game. Gabriella runs up to Troy and they try to kiss but are interupted by Chad, who is trying to give the game ball to Troy but ends up giving the ball to Kelsi. Jason Cross helps her shoot a basket and then the entire school gathers in the gym to perform "We're All in This Together". After the credits roll, Sharpay is seen complementing Zeke on his cookies. She hugs him and they move off the camera as Zeke promises to make her a creme burlee.

And some pics...

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Some Trivia:

Factual error: When Troy and Gabriella swap cellphones to give each other their number, they take a picture and put in a number. Both Troy and Gabriella put in less than 6 keystrokes, while the US standard for cellphone numbers is 7 digits.

Continuity: The post-callback basketball scene's countdown clock isn't accurate. If you try counting with it (using your DVD player's time indicator), you'll notice that it reaches 0 by the time that the ball's being passed to Troy. That's considering no shot is done in slow motion.

Audio problem: Since the songs were pre-recorded, in We're all in this together, you can hear either troy or Gabriella's voice signing background, not matching the others' lyrics, but their lips are moving to the same words as all the others.

Of Course a little thanks to:

IMDB || Wikipedia || StarPulse || My Self (Copy-pasting, sure is tiring)

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