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Monday, January 09, 2006

My 2 friends and I went to a mall just after school to have some photos printed. The guy who assisted us at the photo printing shop is cute as Juvy had told me, and he is also suplado too. Not only that, minutes later while waiting for the pics to get done another guy entered the shop and went to the front counter. He was wearing black shorts and slim-fit tee. Juvy as we all know has this little obsession with perfect bodied guy, she asked me if I can see if he has a nice abs (although I can't see his abs), then I replied 'yes'. While looking at him I noticed something not right... his shorts is falling down and I could already see his underwear as well as his skin below the hip line. And he was there standing, as if nothing is happening, as if teasing our eyes. I didn't know that Juvy was looking too and told me that he is "yummy" because he's doesn't have any stretch marks. Just recently, I've posted a photo of Bruno Santos at Friendster, next day I had Bing asking me his name... who wouldn't want to know the name of this guy?

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