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I feel guilty

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

He did it again. And this time he hit it hard and right to her face. With this I feel so guilty. I always wanted the best for my friends who'd been there for me for many years now and as a friend they come to me share to me their problems and at the same time I come to them, share my problems. We also exchange advises. I thought I could see through things just by trusting my intuition, not knowing that I am human... prone to errors and mistakes. I pushed my intuition, insisting that she should go with him... that he seems to be a nice guy. I thought she was the one whos wrong all this time. This afternoon, I was proved wrong. I should have had pulled her out of the mud of the so called love. I should have not insisted my intuition about a month ago. I should have not told her to give him a chance... Because 'chance' is a risk and not a wise choice. And to the guy... You've proven yourself to be a low person. Someone who doesn't deserve a second chance not even first.

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