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13th the Friday or the other way around

Friday, January 13, 2006

Today is January 13, 2006 and today my mom and I had an argument with almost the nightly discussion around the house – OJT as it’s commonly referred to or the On-The-Job training. If not because of my two previous professors (both of them had thankfully left the school for another job), who failed me at their classes, then I would not be experiencing this chaos. It may sound a little exaggerated, but that’s how exactly I feel right now… this moment. I need to take summer classes, in which I can’t choose my schedule. I need to have my OJT papers fixed. Actually I have two options: First is to have my OJT at the company my mom is suggesting but that would be too risky. Second is at my school’s MIS office – which is a super awkward place to have my OJT. Will I be able to learn something from them? I might, but is that the working environment I am looking? No. If I’ll have my OJT at the first choice, then it would be great for me. I will surely learn a lot of things there. That is exactly the working environment I am looking for, but I won’t be able to take summer classes. Strength of Materials and Thermodynamics are the two shitty subjects I need to enroll. Although I can take those subjects next term, just like I was telling you, it would be too risky. What if the schedule doesn’t go with mine? I can take SoM during the first term, which is offered at ECE 4td year and leave Thermo for the second term. That would be a good decision. Again, this question is raised: What if the schedule doesn’t go with mine? I have a lot of options, although some were a little absurd and some were a bit “unfair.” All I need to hear is an assurance that they (the Engineering heads) will make a good schedule next year and that all the subjects I need will be scheduled morning and my regular classes (5th year subjects) will be scheduled from noon (or at just after my 2 back subjects had finished ), then I will be confident enough to take my moms suggestion and attend my OJT there. Otherwise, I think I just have to accept OJT at SSCR.

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