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Happy Me!

Monday, June 05, 2006


  • Because My Egg just hatched! Look how cutie it is! I wonder what Jett's and Dreary's egg turned out! Wee! Am a lucky guy! No pandesal, or foot!
  • It's LOST second season tonight! Like this could be my most masaya day ever! I love LOST and I never missed an episode! The numbers... the lostzilla... the others... the dharma... lots of things to get fans thinking!
  • We did nothing kanina sa OJT... so we just kid around... slop at my co-OJT's love trauma-rama.
  • I now have a "season one." Hahaha!
  • Earlier this afternoon my classmate informed me na may part two na ang aming inuman! Wah! Am so excited! Ang sarap malasing! at magpaka stupid knowing na may reason ka to be!
  • Yan lang actually. Hehehe.... mababaw ako eh!

Tong pic na to ay nahalungkat ko. Funny!

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