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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

And so my 13th ecstasy has arrived. I’ll be sticking on this one like glue on valium, running on 100kph on a freeway.

Talk about intelligent comparison.


Oh yeah, so I have nothing in mind to blog about. As if this kind of “thing” is new. I really hate it when I badly needed to put across my emotion and I end up sitting in front of my box, staring at my so called “minimum radiation” monitor – empty. I lost the thoughts I had organized and my enthusiasm.


Today, we started our dance rehearsal that we’re going to perform on the 20th of September. I had the music mixed last night, which lasted for about a couple of hours: 7:30 pm till 12:30 am – now that’s what I call mixing!

Anyways, our practice went smoothly. We’ve already completed 30 seconds from the 7 minutes allotment. Yeehee!


After our dance rehearsal, I went to Novo, a local apparel shop to get a new pair of jogging pants, sadly, they don’t have any. So, I just went home and did this skin. Come 4:00 pm, I went to SM to get the pair of shoes I’ve been dying about for the last 3 weeks. But luck seems to be not on my way, coz they don’t have my size (huhu), I end up buying from another shop, which am not a fan of.


Bacon Mushroom Melt is soooooooooo uberness sa sarap talaga!

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