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Friday, September 01, 2006

What is forgiving?

"It is the fragrance that the flowers give when they are crushed." And so, forgiving would mean that bringing out the best in ourselves.

For me, forgiving is/was never easy. It is hard as asking for forgiveness only this time, we dont have any pride to swallow.

One key ingredient in forgiving is forgetting. I believe that we can never forgive unless we keep records of the wrong doings other people did to us. The matrix of life comes at point, we learn from it... yet we need to forget it.

What is the truth?

As made popular by the famous TV series "The X-files," "The truth is out there." And the journalist are after the truth too.

Is the truth something that wouldn't hurt us but would do harm to others? Is the truth something to be hidden or is something that should always be told?

We all have skeletons hidden inside our closets. Some may stink like a dug graveyard fresh with decaying remains of human and some may be as light as a simple I Love You when he/she was not looking.

What is life?

Some say that miracles happen in our daily life. I say that life itself is a miracle.

In my 21 years of living in this planet called Earth (Geia), I have never found my self deeply contemplating on what I had accomplished. Its not that I dont have time or can't summon my memories... Its because I was afraid that I might found out that I have failed -- that I haven't succeeded much in life.

Before I go, let me give you my dear readers some things to ponder:

  • Give me 5 female names that ends with letter 'O.'

And oh, I would like to "plug the blog" of my friend... Jude. You can fuck him (lolz) here >> http://aincuo.blogspot.com/

Answers from the previous questions:

1. "I Love You"

2. Time

3. Quarks

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