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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Who broke it

It was Wednesday night when I received the message. The rain had stopped but our spirits are just starting to cloud up. A few bottles of mucho and some packs of cracklings will do help us forget that our thesis due on Tuesday is not yet finish. Tonight, who cares about quizzes, lectures waiting to be downloaded and uhhh…. Tomorrow!

All I [we] wanted was to sober our selves, get wasted and wish that there’ll be no classes tomorrow!


JHED: w00t! wala pala kayong pasok bukas eh!

ROB: Bakit daw?

JHED: Manood ka kaya ng TV! May bagyo kaya!

ROB: [insert Filipino bad word here] Hehehe! Ang saya! Hindi ako makakanood ng tv, la ako sa bahay. Ang saya talaga! [insert another Filipino bad word here]

JHED: O sige na nga baka masapak mo pa ako!


I woke up with the sound of my mobile phone, ringing. 10 messages received, most of it are “good morning” greetings. On the other hand, I was expecting to have a headache because of last night’s activities. Thank goodness I was A-OK!

Knowing that a storm is heading Luzon, my mom warned us that we should get all out batteries fully charged and that we have enough supply of water. By 10:00 am, power supply was down. This power interruption would last until the early morning of Sunday.

Main Attraction

Milenyo’s expected to arrive in Manila, 11 am, and by this time the river which is approximately 20 meters away from our house was 1 meter away from overflowing. And that over flowing did not took a while to happen.

The main road outside our subdivision was already enraged with muddy waters coming from the highlands of Cavite. Not to mention the flying roofs landing at random places as if possessed by the spirit of Darna. The street we live in soon became Waterlandia, over flowing with vitamins and minerals of mud, plastics, pulled trees and shits [human and animal].

We five mother nature out thrash, she gives us *spa* in return.

My relatives, who live a few kilometers south of our house, had no choice but to climb the ceiling and pull my grandma up, along with some neighbor and a months-old baby.

They failed to save their appliances which includes a flat screen tv, a two door fridge, a component, washer and dryer, kitchen stuff, books and other school paraphernalia, and other things.

Good things they were quick in saving some clothes and undies!

Panic Attack

Even before the flood hit, my mom was already in a big worry. She was worrying about our roof, neighbor’s roof and the flying roofs (raise the roof?! Hehe).

The howling wind gushing through the trees as if cursing the leaves with its angry blow, makes me want to wish for a sunny day.

My windy worries soon changed to a watery one when the flood waters hit the panic level. It was inching its way to our house! I found myself detaching all the cables from my PC and relocating it on top of my bed. My mom helped in transferring other electronic/electrical devices to our rooms and after we broke a sweat, we checked the water level and it was mother-fucking inch lower!


Friday morning. Mud, leaves and funks. The cleaning process began and the aftermath only showed that man had no say against Mother Nature. But what hurts the most is that there’s still no electricity and my phone got no battery left.

Funk You Milenyo!

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