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Friday, October 06, 2006

What is cooler than being cool?

What is hotter than being hot?

OK, enough, I just can't think of a better way to start my post. And later on, I'll have a hard time ending this. Whatever.

God knows (and all the engineering students know) how hard engineering projects are. And these are not just regular projects that you have to sit in front of your box and type. No... It's way harder that! Engineers have to design prototypes, build it, test it, write the paper, conduct study and defend it. All of these are multipled to 3. Why? Because we have fucking three thesis!

Wut tuh muthur hevuns is tut???

Come saturday, we'll have an overnight for the semi-final-final review for our sofware engineering class. If i'll have time, i'll upload the software and you can download it and tell me what you think. Its just a fancy game. Much like Hangaroo. But our's a little fancy.

Then on Tuesday, it will be the show time for our sofware! defense day! yeehee! This will also be the day were we'll pass the first 3 chapters of Photo House Deluxe. Holy Blogger! Sana naman....

Anyways, marami pa akong sasabihin... kaso nga lang naiihi na ako. Hehehe. nandito ako sa skul kasi. Ang fuckity fuck na PLDT ay hindi parin ginagawa ang mga linya dun samin. Damn it sila!

Oist mga friends... wish us luck ha!

*kitams hindi ko na end ng maayos tong post koh!

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