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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

One down.

Two more to go... And I fucking want na for all of these to be over. I mean, who would want to be awake for like 33 hours and then you'll be mocked up by those boohoo panelist. Holy blogger! And Its oktoberfestfest already and I make that we, havent had any of oiur supposed regular drink-up-get-sobber sessions.

As much as I (ok make that again, we), wanted to loosen up, we aint got any time. and if ever we have, then its goin to be like this group is having fun and the other's having fun too... away from us. Arrrggg... ma just missin the good'ol days wherein my classmates can be called friends and my friends are always there.

I can't blame them... really... cause we all get mature and things change. But would it be possible if things change for the better? I had a feeling this classmates-friends thing started to shrink because of our thesis. Yeah, thats how thesis control our life. I'll be ending this post right here...

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